The Ultimate Buying Guide for Vespa Sidecar

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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Vespa Sidecar


Buying Vespa sidecar might be something that everyone wants to do, especially when they are quite enthusiast about Vespa and scooter motorbike in general. Sidecar is a great additional for the two-wheeled vehicle it can add the aesthetic value, as well as provide the great function. However, sidecar is not too cheap to buy, hence making people opt for the secondhand sidecar.


Tips to Buy the Vespa Sidecar


There is nothing wrong with secondhand sidecar, and all you need to do is just understand the exact tips on how to buy them properly. These are some tips you need to know. They will all lead you to get the best sidecar for your Vespa. Use these tips to help you end up with high-quality, Vespa sidecar.


1.             Find the Right Seller

The first thing you have to do is actually finding the Vespa sidecar seller. Do not get fooled by cheap prices and shady advertisement. Find the place to buy the sidecar that you can trust. Workshops and Vespa community usually have the best information about this, and they will help you avoid all sorts of scamming.


2.             Classic or Custom?

Vespa sidecar in secondhand condition is usually the classic ones. If you need your Vespa to be completed by customized sidecar, it will be slightly hard to find because after all, each Vespa is different and the customized sidecar might not match to your scooter. If you do need the customized one, it is better to start fresh from the beginning.


3.             Consider the Storage Feature

Mind the goal of getting the scooter. If the scooter is for extra seat then you do not have to mind the storage. However, if the sidecar is going to be used to carry extra passenger and the goods or stuff, you have to pick one with a back storage or concealed storage under the seat. Even when the sidecar is second handed, this feature should not be overlooked.


4.             Match with Your Budget

Moreover, the second handed Vespa sidecar should cost you around $400, more or less. It will heavily depend on the type of Vespa, and the quality of the sidecar itself. Before doing any research and make a deal, you should understand your budget first. Make sure you know exactly how much money you have to purchase the sidecar.


5.             Ask for Warranty

In addition, you should never forget about warranty. Ask for the seller to provide warranty for at least a week, so if something unwanted happens to the sidecar (and it is not your fault), you can get a refund or replacement.


If the price tag is the issue in your sidecar buying, do not worry about it because you can always get customized sidecar with decent price and high quality at Scooter 99. This is the perfect place for you to get the dream sidecar, and eventually capable to complete your beautiful Vespa with the sidecar that it deserves. Scooter 99 is going to make sure you get the best Vespa sidecar possible.


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