While you can not sign Bolt in FIFA 23

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The best dealers in Ultimate Team know exactly when FIFA 23 coins, and which items to put money into. They do this by taking advantage of seasonal promos, profiting from features like dwell SBCs, and forecasting that players are going to be in high demand over the coming days and weeks. Players who are very likely to be selected for Team of the Week are a very favorite investment, as their routine items vanish from packs briefly, increasing their worth. The same goes for Marquee Matchups SBCs, together with players from the teams. You will never be able to guarantee precision so tread carefully.

If it's possible to win enough games each week and complete high enough in the ranks, Division Rivals provides you with three choices of rewards. And while both the tradeable and untradeable packs can prove to be tempting, it is almost always more beneficial to choose the coins. Based on your branch and position you are usually looking at 15k-80k in earnings, which frequently eclipses that of their tradeable package rewards. This soon adds up, particularly when paired with FUT Champions' prizes, enabling you to possibly earn upwards of 100k coins per week. Coins are your very best option, although the packs may be helpful fodder for SBCs.

Speed was toned down in the footballing behemoth of this year, but requirement has not slowed for the list of FIFA 23 fastest players. Yet much EA tries to equilibrium pace with other key real-life features, there'll always be people who want to build an Ultimate Team of Usain Bolts. While you can not sign Bolt in FIFA 23, you can still construct a squad boasting Olympian quickness -- though as you're about to discover, it gets expensive. Here we profile the cards that make the FIFA 23 speediest players list, and how much they will cost you.

Be aware that we included items that are standard -- rather than particular cards such as FIFA 23 Ones to TOTW or Watch cards. Given their cost and rarity cheap FUT 23 coins, FIFA 23 Icons are also excluded. He's an unpolished diamond in FIFA 23 - 58 finishing, 57 vision - but that rate means his card nonetheless goes for north of 5K. Price of the latter? 270,000 coins.

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