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Let’s take a deeper look into on-demand services, or cloud services. The cloud today facilitates three main types of services. They are:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

From the three, SaaS refers to the products that are delivered to customers as fully-developed software. It’s the most common type of cloud service you could come across. Many popular websites in the market today belong to this category. For example, Gmail and Facebook. 

PaaS, on the other hand, provides cloud-based development environments for customers to build their own products. It allows them to dive into development without wasting efforts on locally setting up the required tools. 

IaaS is different from all of the above. It only gives you access to barebone resources running on the cloud like servers, storage spaces, and networking infrastructure. You can use it to store data or launch your own cloud website. 

No matter which type of cloud services you use, you’ll have to adhere to something called governor limits. They refer to certain usage limits the service provider enforces to ensure continuous and universal availability of the service. For example, think of how Gmail sets the number of emails one can send per day to 500. 

Such limits are necessary on the cloud due to its multi-tenant nature. 

When we look at Salesforce, it offers all these three types of cloud services under different components. Regular Salesforce apps like Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud are instances of SaaS. 

But the developer console that comes with these apps provides a PaaS for building your own customizations and applications.

And Salesforce operates as an IaaS under the hood by giving you storage spaces to store files and other data to run your operations.

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